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Medical schools want 3 things: healthcare exposure, GPA/MCAT, and competencies. In a study abroad setting, Atlantis gives you the best version of the 1st, frees you to focus on the 2nd, and shows the 3rd to medical schools.

What's an Atlantis Program?

* 50-200+ shadowing hours in Europe's top hospitals
* 1-10 weeks over college breaks
* One medical specialty each week
* Program locations in Spain, Italy, Greece, & more
* Some programs are multi-country

Most students don’t prioritize GPA/MCAT enough. Doing Atlantis study abroad over breaks accomplishes so much extracurricular-wise that you can cut out other activities during the year.

Compared to typical study abroad, Atlantis programs include shadowing, which, compared with typical shadowing, has greater depth, breadth, quantity of hours, and intercultural perspective.

Atlantis pre-med study abroad lets you showcase competencies that medical schools assess applicants on, creating powerful stories for your applications and interviews.

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