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No One Runs as Many Pre-Med Study Abroad Programs as We Do

Atlantis is the largest provider of pre-med study abroad programs. We run summer programs in Spain, Italy, Greece, and more, including multi-country options. Participants shadow for 20 hours per week in hospitals, rotating medical specialties each week. Our alumni have gone on to 40 of the top 50 MD programs.

What's an Atlantis Program?

* 50-200+ shadowing hours in Europe's top hospitals
* 1-10 weeks over college breaks
* One medical specialty each week
* Program Locations in Spain, Italy, Greece, & more
* Some programs are multi-country

Compared to typical study abroad, Atlantis programs include shadowing, which, compared with typical shadowing, has greater depth, breadth, quantity of hours, and intercultural perspective.

Most pre-health students don’t prioritize their GPA enough. Participating in Atlantis over summer break allows you to focus on classes during the school year. That's part of why our alumni are admitted to 40 of the top 50 MD programs.

Atlantis alumni constantly bring their Atlantis experience to their medical/PA applications and interviews, using stories to show competencies that medical/PA schools want.

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