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Learn more about the #1 pre-health summer shadowing (and study abroad) program

Summer hospital shadowing programs are proven to help pre-med students have stronger med school applications. Sign up below to learn more about these programs, and how you can spend the best, most valuable summer of your life in an in-depth hospital shadowing program, focused on multiple medical specialties, in the U.S., abroad, or in multi-country programs. In part thanks to these experiences, Atlantis alumni go on to 40 of the top 50 MD programs.

Apply today to receive your $300 flight credit to a Summer 2023 Atlantis program.

What's an Atlantis Program?

* 50-200+ shadowing hours
* 1-10 weeks over academic breaks
* Multiple specialties (1 per week)
* U.S. & Europe (study abroad)
* Some programs are multi-country

Reason to do it # 1:

Compared to typical pre-health summer programs, and other shadowing experiences, Atlantis shadowing has greater (1)depth, (2)breadth, (3)quantity of hours, and (4) intercultural perspective.

Reason to do it # 2:

Most students don’t prioritize their GPA enough. Doing Atlantis over summer break accomplishes so much extracurricular-wise that you can cut out other activities during the year.

Reason to do it # 3:

Atlantis summer programs let you showcase competencies that medical schools assess applicants on, creating powerful stories for your applications and interviews.

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